Are you on the map? Soon you will be! You see, you can set out on student exchange abroad from vocational school. During your trip, you will acquaint yourself with foreign cultures and find out how people work abroad. You will also improve your language skills, which are greatly appreciated in working life.

Most students setting out abroad from vocational school go for on-the-job learning. Studying abroad is inspiring and an eye-opener. During the period, you will boost your self-confidence, assertiveness and acquire more perspective on life in general. Working a few weeks in a strange cultural environment offers you plenty of tools for improving yourself.

Planning for the trip is fun and educational. Your vocational school will help you with finding a place for on-the-job learning as well as help you to find an apartment. There are funds dedicated to student exchange and on-the-job learning abroad, so you do not have to survive on student financial aid alone.

You can also gain international contacts through competitions. At best, those competing in their vocational skills can compete all the way up to the European and World Championship levels. Many educational institutions also receive students from abroad. Take the opportunity to internationalise yourself and make new friends from abroad!

Vocational skills are international, so be brave. Many employers appreciate experience gained from abroad, so an on-the-job learning period completed abroad or participation in an international competition may help you to find your dream job – whether in Finland or abroad.

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Maailmalle.net-website is targeted to Finnish young people who are looking for international mobility opportunities.

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Studyinfinland.fi is targeted for foreign customers. It has information in English for those interested in studying in Finland.


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