Studying at the vocational school

Studying at a vocational school has various forms and differs completely from studying at a comprehensive school. More of the studies take place by doing and experimenting and often also outside the educational institution. Students aim towards a real occupation and job, which also contributes to making the studies different.

The aim of vocational studies is to enter working life, which means that links with working life are continuously present during the studies. No matter which qualification you are studying for, at least half a year (20 credits) of your study time will be spent in on-the-job learning at a real workplace. In addition, you will get the chance to present what you have learned by completing vocational skills demonstrations, which will also take place at workplaces.

Vocational institutions are not school-like environments in the traditional sense, since the studies largely comprise training in work tasks in various fields. Therefore, for example, work halls and sites are planned with working life in mind. Some educational institutions may also have, for example, a beauty salon where students provide services for real customers, and students in catering may have the opportunity to hone their skills by organising school events. Ask your guidance counsellor about the opportunity to visit educational institutions near you!

Each student is an individual, so the vocational school takes into account the needs of different students. Learning is supported by tailoring individual study paths for each student. It is especially important to provide individual study paths to students with special needs, immigrants, athletes and the gifted.

Do you like to arrange and organise things? Student associations are a place where you can affect the activities of your educational institution. Student associations also offer good opportunities for leisure time activities and you are sure to make friends with other active people.




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