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To work and make money

Experts from vocational education have excellent opportunities to find work in companies and municipalities. The municipal sector in Finland employs a lot of people, so many find employment there instead of in private companies. If you prefer to be bossed around by yourself rather than by others and enjoy independent work, entrepreneurship may be the thing for you.

Education is appreciated and it shows on the paysheet: people with vocational education usually receive good wages. However, it is worthwhile remembering that someone just out of school will usually make less than a seasoned veteran, which, to be honest, is only fair. Wages usually increase as you accumulate vocational skills; they can be improved, for example, by further vocational and specialist vocational qualifications. When you appreciate your work and are proud of your competence, you can ask for commensurate wages for your work with your head held high.

In some fields and workplaces, wages have been determined very strictly in advance in general collective agreements. In others there is more room to manoeuvre. You can find out more about the general salary level in a field by, for example, calling the union in question.





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