Further studies

School is finished! However, learning does not stop when you have completed your vocational upper secondary qualification. It will continue throughout your life. A completed upper secondary qualification opens up a huge number of opportunities to develop your competence and study more.

After vocational upper secondary qualification, you can deepen and expand your competence with a further vocational qualification and specialist vocational qualification at the educational institution. There are over 300 further vocational qualifications and specialist vocational qualifications. They are competence-based qualifications, which are completed by demonstration of vocational skills in an examination. Additional studies are not necessarily needed but many people aiming for further vocational and specialist vocational qualifications develop their competence in preparatory education lasting 1–1.5 years. You can apply for further vocational and specialist vocational qualifications by contacting the educational institution directly.

Did you know that after you have completed any vocational upper secondary, further vocational or specialist vocational qualification, you may also apply to study at a university of applied sciences or a university? More officially, you will have gained a general eligibility for further studies. Please note, however, that higher education institutions decide on their student selection themselves, that is to say, who will eventually be offered a study place. In most cases, universities of applied sciences and universities select their students through entrance examinations.



How to apply?


Further vocational qualifications and specialist vocational qualifications:
Contact the educational institution, Employment and Economic Development Office or your apprenticeship training employer.


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