Qualifications and occupations

You learn by doing! When studying at a vocational school, you’ll be able to use both your mind and hands, since the studies are very practical. By studying for a vocational qualification, you’ll of course receive a qualification certificate but, first and foremost, plenty of vocational skills that will prove useful in working life.

Did you know that studies at a vocational school do not prepare you for only one occupation but, in most cases, you may find employment in many different kinds of jobs after graduation?

There are eight different fields of vocational education and training, over 50 different qualifications and over 100 different study programmes! The range of fields and qualifications offered by vocational institutions varies: you can study rare fields in only a few institutions, whereas more common fields are offered in tens of institutions all over the country. You should carefully assess the opportunities afforded by various institutions, since by taking into account your own competencies and the options offered by the vocational school while planning your studies, you will make your study path your own and, as a result, your studies will be more enjoyable.

By the way, did you know that hours spent on studies at a vocational school are measured in credits? The extent of a vocational upper secondary qualification is 120 credits, which means that the studies typically take three years.

Studies at a vocational school are oriented towards working life and are partly conducted in working life. It is possible to complete the upper secondary qualification by studying in a traditional way, but even then the qualification includes at least half a year (20 credits) of on-the-job learning.

It is also possible to complete the upper secondary qualification through apprenticeship training. In this case, a larger proportion of learning takes place at a workplace engaged in the work. Apprenticeship students demonstrate their accumulated competence and vocational skills in vocational skills demonstrations, which are also held at the workplace.




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