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Participating in competitions is an excellent way to develop the expertise of the personnel of the education organisers, offer students individual learning paths and also develop the operational activities of the entire organisation. Once the competition activities are recorded in the education organiser’s strategy, implementing them in the daily life of vocational education is flexible and goal-oriented. Vocational skills competitions increase the appeal of and appreciation for vocational education. Through the competitions, everyone can see what types of professions people graduate for in vocational education and what types of skills and career opportunities the graduates have. At the same time, competitions help shape vocational education and training and are a good way of highlighting needed re-forms in vocational education


Taitaja, Finnish National Competition for VET (Vocational Education and Training) students, TaitajaPlus, a natioanl competition for VET students with special needs and Taitaja9, a handicrafts competition for pupils in comprehensive schools.

  • 450 competitors, 99 200 visitors
  • 424 partners, monetary value 2.3 million euros


  • 1 255 competitors from 58 countries
  • 27 Finnish competitors and 24 experts from 23 Finnish vocational colleges
  • 82 partners of the Finnish National Team
  • 125 000 visitors


  • 480 competitors from 28 countries
  • 30 Finnish competitors, 26 experts from 25 Finnish vocational colleges
  • 75 000 visitors
  • 39 partners of the Finnish National Team

Abilympics, a World Championship in vocational skills for competitors with special needs.

  • 650 competitors from 35 countries
  • 60 000 visitors
  • 9 Finnish competitors, 10 trainers and 5 experts from 4 Finnish vocational colleges


The figures are from the Taitaja 2017, WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017, EuroSkills Gothenburg 2016 and Abilympics Bordeaux 2016 competitions.







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