Why is Putting Effort into Skills Competitions Worthwhile, Seija Rasku?

Vocational skills competitions increase the appeal of and appreciation for vocational education. Competitions allow everyone to see the different professions vocational education and training (VET) provides qualifications for and the kind of competence and career opportunities students gain from VET. At the same time, competitions help shape vocational education and training and are a good way of highlighting needed reforms in vocational education.

Competitions cannot be based on the working life skills without cooperation with companies. Vocational education institutions should keenly listen to the needs of workplaces and build partnerships in which both parties benefit and win. Competitions can also help in developing the competence of staff working at participating companies and help companies adopt new approaches.

Seija Rasku is the chairman of the Board at Skills Finland and Counsellor of Education at the Ministry of Education and Culture. Ms. Rasku is Finland's official delegate in WorldSkills.



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