Vocational education and training prepares you for life and working life

During your studies in vocational education and training (VET) you get to use both your hands and your head, since the studies are of a very practical nature.

The choices in field and qualifications vary between institutions

Rare fields and qualifications can only be studied at a few select institutions, whereas the more common ones are available across the nation. It pays off to get acquainted with the opportunities presented by the various institutions.

By taking your own capabilities and the options the institutions into account when planning your studies, you can mould it to suit your needs.

Vocational education + upper secondary school

You can concurrently study towards both a vocational upper secondary qualification and the matriculation examination. You can also complete the entire upper secondary syllabus while attending VET.

Students who attend upper secondary school can also attend classes at a vocational institution and include them in their general upper secondary qualification.

How do I apply?

After completing basic education, you apply to VET and general upper secondary school through the joint application system. After getting your vocational upper secondary qualification you can expand and deepen your competence through further- or specialist vocational qualifications at vocational institutions.

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